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Technology Consulting for Your Projects
Digital Signage, API Development and Web Projects for Long or Short Term Use

We solve real world technical problems for you or your clients.

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CONSULTING, since 1872

Digital Marketing
done right.

Our goal is a individualized product to meet you and your customer's needs. Seamless user experience designed for the environment the display runs in guaranteeing the best results on your investment.

Web Solutions
simple answers.

Web based solutions with service backends using the latest technologies to provide the most bang for your advertising or technology dollars.

You want money...
and so do we.

We want to maximize your return on investment, so there's more for us to take. Taking money from poor people is only fun if you're the IRS. We want to see you profit and profit from that.

does advertising work


Wanna be one? It'd be a lot cooler if you did...

Whatever the product, how ever challenging, bring it to us, we will bring you a solution. We're here to provide you with the expertise and the tools to manage your message or product. Our interests run as deep as your pockets.

Have you got an idea for an in-store signage unit, maybe need some help figuring out the best means for deployment or will the market bear it? We have tools and plans to test the validity of your project and it's deployment.

No, we're not the cheapest team on the block, but as they say, 'you get what you pay for', and with Access1 Media you get results. Can't afford the digital solution? Go analog and buy our starter kit, a full 4'x2.5' cardboard sheet, edges lined with reflective duct tape (functional and stunning) with four markers included.

All jokes aside- We might talk a small game, but our clients are some of the largest technology, automotive, cosmetic, and retail companies in the world. If they trust us to drive their business, so can you. If you want real time solutions and innovation, give us a call and lets talk through it.

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We're not looking for a marriage, Dinner will do.

Like most relationships, we're looking for partners with stability, who have the cash and resources to help us grow and maybe make a profit with us. Hardware and technology are great assets as well, but financial stability is where it's at. If you think that you can help us grow as a company, and maybe even as a person, give us a shout!



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